StackPath External CDN Follow Up Issue

After 22 hours and 43 minutes

StackPath and their server supplier, Wasabi, seem to have resolved the object storage issue via their service. We identified it had been resolved at around 1pm Eastern yesterday but needed to make sure. :)

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After 9 hours and 25 minutes

It looks like StackPath has resolved the issue, finally. Only certain files were affected as our redundancies are in place but this main CDN node should be back up and firing on all cylinders now.

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StackPath, our third-party CDN, has informed us that sporadically, uploads and downloads may be slower than usual due to their ongoing US East Coact node issue. This is frustrating for us as Captivate is having no issues, but the external CDN is causing challenges. We're working directly with them as fast as we can and appreciate your support.

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Affected components
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Payment Processing