Temporary Analytics Ingestion Slowdown


We've now resolved the incident and all of the impacted downloads have been ingested. Thanks for your patience!

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We're currently loading in extra data from the 26th May with our queue system which is causing the analytics to load slightly slower than usual.

We're 90% of the way through the data, thanks for your patience.

Thanks, Captivate

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We're slowly ingesting the data due to an unforeseen database upgrade, this is taking longer than expected.

Please note NO data will be lost during this period.

Thanks, the Captivate team

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There has been a slight delay in recorded downloads posting to your dashboard over the last few hours. Don’t worry, all systems are go and all downloads have been tracked as usual, it’s just piping them to your dashboard that’s a little slower than usual. You will start to see your analytics dashboard update over the next couple of hours.

As always, thank you for your patience and support and have a great week!

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  • Podcast Analytics