StackPath CDN Upload/Download Speed Issues


Following on from my message yesterday, StackPath are still having a few issues with their US East Coast node.

But, we've spent the last day building an even stronger redundancy for you here - we always have backups of backups of backups and also, we have plenty of fallbacks in case this kind of thing ever happens - that's why only a small number of people had sporadic issues.

We've popped on another layer of upload redundancy just to make your life a little easier so that all podcast uploads and image uploads work at full speed rather than having you operating at half speed until StackPath updates us.

Bottom line: you're all set and back to normal, plus have an extra couple of layers of speed backups just in case this happens again.

Thank you so much for your patience, we appreciate you!

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Our CDN provider, StackPath, is experiencing sporadic issues with their US East Coast node.

StackPath is a CDN company that Captivate and some other podcast hosting companies use to deliver mp3 files to locations across the world at speed - CDN stands for "Content Delivery Network".

What happens is that when you upload a file to Captivate, we store it and also pop it over to StackPath so that if, for example, someone listens in the UK, it downloads from a UK locale so that it is quicker for the listener.

Because StackPath is experiencing a slight issue with its node on the US East Coast, you may find that for the next few hours your uploads and downloads are just a tad slow and uploads may, on occasion, fail.

If that does happen, don't worry, just try the upload again and I'm sure that StackPath will resolve their issues shortly.

StackPath is the best in the CDN business, which is why we chose them and there is nothing wrong with Captivate, your website or anything that you're doing.

We'll keep you posted today.

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